transgressive behaviour

Dear board members, project managers, volunteers, and participants of our BeMSA Gent projects,

Unfortunately, misconduct still exists in our society. In response to this, the BeMSA Gent board has created a platform where victims of misconduct can share their stories, whether anonymously or not.

With this message, we want to emphasize that within BeMSA Gent, misconduct of any kind is not tolerated. We aim for a safe and open environment where everyone can be themselves without fear or compromises.

This reporting platform is open to all students participating in our projects (more information is available through the button below).

In addition, we want to point out external resources that are not affiliated with BeMSA but can be helpful in situations of misconduct:

Furthermore, we have also included some websites and chat forums where you can seek assistance for general issues:

Remember that you are never alone in facing these challenges.

With warm regards,
The BeMSA Gent executive board