Transgressive behavior

Dear board members, project managers, volunteers and participants of our BeMSA Ghent projects,

Transgressive behavior is today, unfortunately, back from never before.
That is why we, within the board of BeMSA Gent, have developed a platform
where victims of transgressive behavior, anonymously or not
anonymously, can tell their story.
With this message, we would like to emphasize that transgressive behavior, in any way, has zero tolerance within BeMSA Gent. We strive for a safe and open environment where everyone is allowed to be who they are, without fear or compromise.
This reporting platform is open and available to all students participating in our projects (more info via this link).

Furthermore, below you will find websites and chat forums, which are not linked to BeMSA, where you can rely on after transgressive behavior:

Here are some sites/chat forums where you can go for general difficulties:

Please know that you are never alone.

Much love,
The BeMSA Ghent core board