About BeMSA

What is BeMSA?

BeMSA, the "Belgian Medical Students' Association", is a Belgian organization founded in 2009 by some enthusiastic medical students. BeMSA is an umbrella organization with Ghent as one of its departments. Our mission: a platform for social engagement and quality international opportunities for students in the Ghent health sector.

We have both national and local projects such as Teddy Bear Hospital, Heart for Life, Healthy Food, Sex Education in Schools and many other projects. We also organize international exchanges for both research and clinical internships.


BeMSA Ghent grew out of SWISS (Student Working Group on International Cooperation and Internships), a working group that focused on the combination of "medical students and abroad", both practical, informative and sensitive.

In 2009, medical students from Ghent (SWISS), Antwerp and Leuven decided to unite and created the national organization BeMSA (Belgian Medical Students' Association), which became a candidate member of IFMSA (International Federation of Medical Students' Associations), providing access offers a global network of contacts and unique opportunities. That is why we as an organization decided to join the BeMSA story from the start and change our name to BeMSA Gent.

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Through the election of national board members and seats in the General Assembly, we contribute to the development of BeMSA's vision and positions. These national positions have an impact at an international level through the presence of BeMSA delegates from Ghent at international IFMSA meetings.

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Standing Committees

Due to the many challenges that our board has faced in recent years, it was decided to take over the structure of IFMSA as BeMSA Ghent. A reform was implemented to a platform with the following pillars (Standing Committees).

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