Date Your Doctor

Not sure what you want to do with your diploma after you graduate?
Have you always wondered what the job actually means?
Do not be left with your questions and go on a date with doctors of all specialties.

What is Date Your Doctor?

Date your doctor is an event where we invite doctors from different disciplines. Through this project all participating students get the chance to get more information about certain specializations by having a chat with the doctor in question.

On this evening the student can have a chat with different doctors without obligation. The student is free to enter into this conversation as "date" or rather as a "chit chat" with several students together. The purpose of this evening is mainly to learn more about the different specializations.

When is Date Your Doctor?

The date and place are coming soon!

Would you like to help organize Date Your Doctor? Send an email to or contact the project responsible.

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Robbe Vermoesen

project responsible
date your doctor

Nico Pinson

project responsible
Date your Doctor