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Why the 'Healthy Food' project?

This is something you have to get to know from childhood. It has a huge impact on the development of children. Too often children get a cookie in their hand instead of a piece of fruit and they are not at all aware of what healthy food means. For example, a teacher told us that some children of migrants take a bag of chips to school as their lunch, possibly because the parents are not yet familiar with Western food. With this project we want to make the children aware of healthy food, so that as growing youngsters they will pay more attention to the effect of food. Sports & oral hygiene should also be put in the spotlight, as this is also an important part of a healthy lifestyle.

How do we want to do this?

As BeMSA we try to teach in an interactive way about all possible topics that belong to the concept of healthy food. We do this at the request of a few schools in Ghent with a large multicultural occupation. In the past year, this happened at the Victor Carpentier secondary school (located in a disadvantaged neighborhood) and the OKAN secondary school Toren Van Babel.

Healthy food

Healthy food (in Victor Carpentier) is a project in which several medical students go to a primary school in Ghent to teach the children something about healthy food in a fun way. The participating children came either from the second grade or from the fourth grade. Cool games are played with them, tasty dishes are cooked and sports are played. This is not only instructive for the children, but also helps you as future doctors to acquire important communication skills: being able to explain in an understandable way to all groups in society. So also to children.
After all these fun activities we eat our delicious creations.
For this project we also work together with the "De Sleep" district health center.

Everyone healthy

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At an OKAN school, young people often have a lot on their mind: they are not yet familiar with the culture here and healthy food and a healthy lifestyle are often disappeared into the background. BeMSA Ghent wants to respond to this. By offering informative sessions on various aspects of a healthy lifestyle (healthy food, oral hygiene and safe sex), we want to make young people aware of the importance of this and also provide them with a scientific basis.


The date of Healthy Food 2019 and Everyone Healthy 2020 will be announced in the course of the first semester.

Do you have questions? Do you want to participate in this project?

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