Heart for Life 2019

Did you know…?

The impact of cardiovascular diseases on health is often underestimated?
This group of diseases is the leading cause of death in the western world?
There are actually a lot of ways to reduce the risk for cardiovascular diseases?

Our mission

Heart For Life is an annual awareness campaign that aims to make people aware of the imminent danger of cardiovascular diseases. UGent medical students are committed to providing passers-by with more information about the development of cardiovascular diseases and risk factors. They are available all day long to measure the blood pressure of passers-by and to estimate their cardiovascular risk based on sports and eating habits, blood pressure and smoking behavior. The students can give advice on exercise and healthy food, and there are brochures available from the Belgische Cardiologische Liga. Every visitor can go there with questions and find out how they can make a difference themselves.

The students took an introductory lesson given by Prof. dr. cardiologist E. Rietzschel of UZ Ghent, about the etiology of cardiovascular diseases and how the prevention can be explained specifically to passers-by. Younger students are also taught how a blood pressure is measured during the lesson. In this way the quality is kept as high as possible for both passers-by and students. Foreknowledge is therefore not a requirement for students, it is the perfect opportunity to practice the skills of a future doctor.

Where and when is Heart For Life?

Originally it was a support project for Music For Life from Studio Brussels. In the meantime, it has grown into an annual event that also takes place in other university cities such as Leuven, Brussels, Antwerp and Hasselt. Like the previous years, the next edition will take place at De Krook Library during the second semester. You can find us in the central corridor on floor -1.

We would certainly encourage anyone who would like to learn more about cardiovascular diseases and its prevention!


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Margo Vandenheede

PRoject responsible Heart for life