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The impact of cardiovascular disease on health is often underestimated? This group of diseases is the leading cause of mortality in the Western world? There are actually many ways to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease?

Our mission

Heart For Life is an annual awareness campaign that aims to make people aware of the danger of cardiovascular disease. UGent medical students are committed to providing passersby with more information about the development of cardiovascular events and risk factors. They are available throughout the day to measure passersby's blood pressure and estimate their cardiovascular risk based on sports and eating habits, blood pressure and smoking habits. The students can give advice on exercise and healthy eating, and they hand out brochures from the Belgian Cardiology League. Any visitor can come with questions and find out how to become a healthier version of themselves.

The students took an introductory lesson, given by Prof. Dr. Cardiologist E. Rietzschel of UZ Gent, on the ethiology of cardiovascular diseases and how prevention can be explained, specifically targeting passersby. Younger students are also taught how to measure blood pressure during this class. In this way, quality is guaranteed for passersby and students. Prior knowledge is not a requirement for the students, it is the ideal opportunity to practice the skills of a future doctor.

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For Heart For Life - the annual campaign on the dangers of cardiovascular diseases - UGent medical students (with CST & mouth mask) are on standby in the library all day:

  • They'll give you information about cardiovascular disease and its risk factors.
  • They can estimate your cardiovascular risk based on your sports and eating habits, blood pressure (which they measure on the spot) and smoking habits. Be sure to stop by, no need to make a reservation!

The students took an introductory class with Prof. Dr. Cardiologist E. Rietzschel (UZ Gent), about the causes of cardiovascular diseases and how to explain prevention to passers-by. This way they can practice their skills as future doctors.

Where and when does Heart for Life take place?

At first, it was a support project for Studio Brussel's Music For Life. Meanwhile, it has grown into an annual event that also takes place in other university cities such as Leuven, Brussels, Antwerp and Hasselt.

This year's edition will take place on Saturday, November 5 at De Krook Library.


More information can be found in the Facebook event.

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Sam Dhaene

project coordinator heart for life 2022-2023

Anaïs Carlier

project coordinator heart for life 2022-2023