Let’s Smile Again

Why the Let's Smile Again project?

It is unfortunately an indisputable fact that many students have had a difficult time this past year. Cries of alarm about anxieties, negative feelings and loneliness swept back and forth, and an adequate response was mostly lacking. It was a difficult situation for many, for too many students it still is today. Yet a collective sense of resistance emerged during this period. The struggle for mental health was increasingly pulled from under the inconvenient dust, and more and more we all dared to admit to our friends, family or colleagues that things were struggling for a while. Let's Smile Again hopes to further strengthen this positive evolution. Because sometimes things just don't go well, and we want to make this growing insight more widely known in our environment.


During an evening lecture various individuals will speak from their own expertise to discuss the mental (un)well-being of students: students with personal experiences, psychologists, psychiatrists, etc. All views will be addressed.

Where and when?

Everyone is welcome on November 23 at 19h30 at the UZ Gent.

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Maxim Ghyselen

Project coordinator smile again 2022-2023