More than cancer

With this project, BeMSA Ghent wants to give more context to the word "cancer". We try to give a picture of life with cancer and life after cancer treatment. We will do this by a few mini testimonials based on interviews.

For this first edition, we will focus on childhood cancer. We will make 4 short videos which each look at this from a different perspective:

  • pediatric cancer patients
  • ex-patients
  • family and friends of young cancer patients
  • health care providers in the pediatric oncology department

This way, we want to support children and their families who have to encounter a similar fight through these testimonies. We also want to make the wider population more aware of what such a fight contains and what the impact is on life after cancer.

Furthermore, some medical students will visit the pediatric oncology department to offer the patients a fun activity.


Every two minutes a child is diagnosed with cancer.

Kids get different cancers than adults.

While adults tend to get lung, breast, prostate and colon cancers, kids are diagnosed with different cancer types like brain cancer, solid tumors and leukemia. Different cancers mean we need different treatments, yet only four percent of NIH cancer research dollars goes to researching pediatric cancer.

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Thomas Derijcke
Project coordinator
Jenna Klijn
Project coordinator
Project coordinator