Start To Talk

Students, Break the silence, Start To Talk!

What is Start To Talk?

Start to talk is a warm project that focuses on the mental well-being of students. It is a project for students by students. In a talking group we talk about things that people struggle with. These subjects are often shunned in our daily conversations. People feel ashamed or weak because they are going through something difficult. Social media, where everyone seems to have a perfect life does not make things easier. We notice during our talking sessions that people talk openly about their feelings and feel relieved afterwards. Despite the fact that most people don’t know each other there is a mutual trust and respect for one another. Talking helps, stop walking around with your problem and join us in one of our monthly sessions.

Questions/more info?

Feel free to contact us:

If you want to stay updated about upcoming sessions, then you can follow our Facebook page:

Next session?

When? 05/04/2021 from 19h30 till 21h
Where? Discord Server
How? Click here to join.

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