The Stigma Challenge 2020: My sexuality! My dysfunction

Every year we organize the Stigma Challenge, an event with which we try to undermine a certain "stigma" related to sexuality and to make it negotiable.

This year the Stigma Challenge is about the relationship between sexual dysfunctions and our sexuality.

When? During the week of March 25th.
(hint: the stigma challenges of the other cities are also taking place this week!)
What? We are going to hit the streets with an enthusiastic SCORA team and try to make interested passers-by more aware of the theme through short quizzes and games. We try to convey as much information as possible in a pleasant way!


World Aids Day is also an important event for SCORA.
This year we are therefore organizing a quiz on November 27th: "Let’s quiz about sex!"
Have you always wanted to test your knowledge about sexuality? Or would you rather aim for the drinking cup? Are you curious about all the great prizes? Or do you just fancy a pleasant evening?
Then don't hesitate to participate!

Amber Degoe

project responsible stigma challenge 2019-2020

Jens Van Cauwenberghe

PROJECT responsible STIGMA CHALLENGE 2019-2020