Sexual Education In Schools (SOS)

Sexual Education In Schools is a project on a voluntary basis, started by BeMSA and supported by ICRH and Sensoa. With this initiative we want to give adolescents access to reliable information about sexuality, including LGBTQ +. Relationships, contraception and STD prevention are also discussed. We try to give young people the opportunity to make informed and individual decisions about their body and health in a light-hearted educational way. Moreover, we want to break through some existing myths about these topics.
The SOS project is a form of peer education in which young people are supported to bring about a health-promoting behavioral change in other young people. This leads to a lower threshold for talking about sensitive topics.


In the context of this project, we want to spend a morning or afternoon together with a class from the 2nd to 6th secondary education. For this we recruit a team of 2-3 medical students (or other fields of medical or social studies) at Ghent University who previously received training. During our session, topics such as sexuality, puberty, relationships, consent, contraception, STDs, self-image, orientation, etc. are raised in an interactive way. Each session can be adjusted to the wishes of the school.
Due to the small age difference between students and young people and the way in which students approach adolescents, a loose atmosphere can be created in which the young people are more open to discussion and can take the correct information home with them. In addition, a question box will circulate during the session in which students are given the opportunity to ask questions anonymously.
Social media play an important role nowadays, making it increasingly easy to obtain information online. However, it is becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish correct from incorrect sources. That is why at the end of the session we will also put the young people in contact with reliable information channels.

How to participate?

Does this project appeal to you?
Do you dare to stand in front of a secondary school class, are you open-minded and can you talk about sexuality without shame? Do you see yourself as a motivated training worker and do you want to help with our project?
Then come to one of our trainings! More information can be found in this Facebook group or you can mail to

Charlotte De Schrijver

project coordinator SOS

Ines Van Styvendael

project coordinator SOS