Human Rights Day

In our country, Belgium, human rights seem self-evident and normal. And that's how it's supposed to be. Human rights are fundamental rights and freedoms for all people regardless of their nationality, gender, national or ethnic origin, race, religion, language or other status.

However, this is not self-evident for everyone and we don't dwell on this enough. That is why BeMSA organizes an awareness-raising campaign every year on Human Rights Day (10th of December) to remind us as students of the existence of human rights and the need to keep fighting for the preservation and expansion of these rights.

Would you like to help with the organization of this campaign?
Then please contact me (Alessia Petrella) or the project coordinators. You can find the contact information below.

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If you would like to learn more about human rights, you can always visit the Amnesty International website.

Do you have specific questions about this BeMSA project or would you like to help organize it? Then feel free to contact us (Alessia Petrella or Julie Lippens) via Facebook or mail (

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Previous editions

Edition 2017

Do we have a right to education? Is there a right to safe sexual intercourse? How much do you really know about human rights? Take the self-test and find out.

Editie 2016

This edition, BeMSA Ghent saw it big with the "Human Rights Day" project. Human Rights Day falls on December 10 each year. We immediately turn it into a "Human Rights Week," which will run from December 5 to 10. This year we will work around the theme of "refugees. The main intention is to sensitize students around human rights. This year we are also going for a strong collaboration with the League for Human Rights for the project. They are organizing the awarding of the Human Rights Prize on December 10 at the City Hall in Ghent at 3 pm. For this session, BeMSA organized a playful action. The intention was to continue the theme of art in this action. Initially, the intention was to create a large work of art on a canvas. Eventually, A5 sheets were distributed to bystanders and they were asked to make a drawing around this theme. All drawings were neatly bundled and can be used later for purposes. Everyone is welcome to do so.

Editie 2015

This year a poster was designed for "Human Rights Day. The posters feature excerpts from letters written by internees with mental health problems, excerpts to take a moment to reflect on. Many internees with psychological problems are placed in institutions that are not suitable for this and do not receive appropriate therapy for it. This year we felt it was important to highlight their rights on this day.