From BeMSA Ghent we are also committed to human rights.
On the occasion of Human Rights Day on December 10, that week we will set up a stand in the K3 in the UZ Gent - in front of the bib kcgg - to write letters for Amnesty International, this for unjustly imprisoned people.

What does the Write-Them-Free action entail?
There are several people who work for human rights or for other actions, such as the environment. Unfortunately, not everywhere you can freely stand up for your rights or for other actions and then they are unjustly imprisoned or convicted. Some risk a long prison sentence without ever having committed a crime, others risk the death penalty. By writing letters, we can put pressure on the authorities and with enough letters from all of us, we have a better chance of freeing the victims.

So do you also want to help free a person who was just standing up for human rights? Then be sure to stop by the K3 at our booth!

Writing letters can really help! People have already been released thanks to enough pressure and the letter-writing campaigns.

Project Coördinator
Project Coördinator

Fancy helping run a fun project like this yourself?

Then be sure to come 04/10/2023 to our info evening!